In an age when musicians can copyright phrases as commonplace as "this sick beat," we're bound to see an increase in the number of copyright infringement allegations levied against lyrics. The latest of these comes in a now-deleted series of tweets from Houston rapper Just Brittany, who claims that Rihanna "jacked" her song "Bitch better Have My Money" from Brittany's similarly titled "Betta Have My Money," released nine months ago.

Fader and Complex managed to preserve a few of the tweets in text form, so check those out below, and give the two tracks a side-by-side comparison as well.

ATTN: @itsjustbrittany "Betta Have My Money" been on iTunes jacked by @rihanna Wake Up
— Just Brittany (@YoungJB_TheDeal) March 30, 2015

IN CASE YALL FORGOT @itsjustbrittany Betta Have My Money now on iTunes before @rihanna
— Just Brittany (@YoungJB_TheDeal) March 30, 2015