A Houston man recently took the idea of "ride or die" to the next level according to reports by Bossip. The police are currently investigating into an incident which occurred at a gas station wherein a man allegedly shot two other men for attempting to holla at his girlfriend. The unidentified man and his girlfriend both fled the scene shortly after the shooting and are now wanted by the police. The whole thing went down at a Chevron gas station located in the north end of Houston and the fugitives reportedly escaped in a black Dodge Charger. According to the police report, the couple was passing by the gas station's convenience store when two men began making inappropriate comments about the alleged shooter's girlfriend. That is when the man became furious and a vicious argument erupted. 

Ricardo Ceppi/ Getty Images

Following a heated exchanged, the man pulled out a gun and shot at the other two men six times. The men were reportedly hit in the legs and were taken to a nearby hospital with considerably serious injuries. Though, they are expected to survive. The suspects, however, remain on the loose.