Xela, a Houston-based Coffee company is "paying tribute" to the late DJ Screw by selling their new speciality coffee brew in bottles that strongly resemble Activis cough syrup bottles. DJ Screw, real name Robert Davis Jr., died of a codeine overdose back in 2000.

“We went through a few different bottles before finally finding the one that looked like the Activis bottle,” a spokesperson for XELA said.

The "Screwston" coffee brew is reportedly already available at select coffee shops in the Houston area but it's the absurd packaging that is getting all of the attention. It's worth noting, Activis stopped production of their codeine syrup once word got out that people, like DJ Screw, were abusing the product.

Xela has stated their plans to put aside some of the profits to help independent Houston musicians, and would like to partner with the Davis family in the future.