It has been five years since Netflix began launching original content. Before they were the streaming giant we know them as today, Netflix was just beginning to enter into the production game. The first series Netflix released was House of Cards, which is based on novels of the same name. House of Cards revived Kevin Spacey's career (before he destroyed it again himself), and introduced Netflix as a solid contender in the television network competition. 

Now that Spacey has been blacklisted from most of Hollywood, Robin Wright is set to star in the final season of House of Cards. The show has already set her up as president, but it will be interesting to see how the writers will write off Spacey's character. According to RadioTimes, author of the original House of Cards novels Michael Dobbs spoke with BBC Radio 4 and stated, “The poor [writers] have been sweating over their candles and pens. It’s been really, truly difficult, but what [producers] Media Rights Capital, Netflix and the writers have done is superb. They have set some standards and they have come back with some fine, fresh new creative stuff.” Netflix took to Twitter to announce the release date for the final season of the series, and it'll be another three months before we get to see the conclusion. On November 2nd, the entire season will be available to stream.