As the world reaches a state of constant visual stimulation, it can be difficult for an artist, even at the forefront of their genre, to make a music video stick out. In an age where everyone is making music videos of themselves on Snapchat at all times, a truly great music video must extend further into the realm of creativity than ever before.

There were a few artists who went beyond visually where they had to, and created works of art that stand alone in greatness. Some made important political statements, and some expressed a deep, relatable personal struggle. And others just bang. Flip through the gallery, and enjoy the videos.

Honorable Mention: 

J. Cole - "False Prophets"
Usher - "Crash"
Dumbfoundead - "SAFE"
Kaytranada - "Glowed Up" feat. Anderson .Paak
Fetty Wap - "Wake Up"