In terms of sales, hip hop albums did not do very well this year. As of press time, J. Cole is the only rapper with a gold album this year, and he just sneaked into the fourth quarter with a surprise release. Most of this boils down to a simple lack of "event" albums. Most of the biggest hip hop artists dropped last year (Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, etc.), and thus created something of a drought in terms of high profile releases. 

However, this allowed for plenty of emerging artists to shine through and get a bigger look, with four out of ten of the projects on our Hottest Albums list being debuts. Of course, when judging these records, we're not just talking about sales, and plenty of albums made an impact without necessarily moving a lot of units. So without further ado, scroll through the gallery for our picks for the Hottest Albums Of 2014.

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