Aladdin is not a movie franchise known for being sexy, except maybe in some fetish-corners of the internet. That has changed drastically over the past twelve hours. Yesterday an article in Entertainment Weekly came out with first at many of the movie's characters. There was Will Smith as the Genie (with strange hair), Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, Mena Massoud as the titular hero and, most importantly, Marwan Kenzari as Hot Jafar.

As soon as the photos released, fans were able to look past Will Smith's strange top-knot and zero straight in on Marwan Kenzari. They got immediately heated about the struggle of rooting for the good guy when he's just not as good-looking:

Unfortunately for the forces of good, it looks like fans will be choosing Jafar. Although some point out that Mena Massoud, who plays Aladdin, is not so bad himself, it'd be hard for the best of us to compete with this world-class smoulder: