As Hopsin's fanbase continues to grow, the outspoken rapper has taken his music overseas to the U.K., and brought with him Funk Volume label mates Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. 

While talking to Tim Westwood, Tim asked him about current beefs with Hopsin, as the rapper has been known to take shots towards a lot of the mainstream stars.  The only beef Hopsin acknowledged is that of Soulja Boy, whom he dissed in the past, and whom retaliated with a diss of his own.

"I still debate whether or not I should smash the hell out of Soulja Boy and his whole career, 'cause he did some little stupid crap. It was on tiny chat, I was doing a webcam thing and he hopped on and started talking crap. I dunno if he made some little diss to me or not, it was wack if it was a diss it was horrible." Hopsin continued to explain the webcam situation, "I had left when he got on, so he was talking all this crap, and as soon as I got in he started smiling and he wasn't saying nothing. It's all online bullshit so it's not even that serious. It's just funny. But he made a song like a week later but he didn't say my name in it but it was on WorldStar and all these other sites as 'Hopsin diss,' and he also posted it as a Hopsin diss, so I was like okay...But he's not a real emcee though, so it's like tryna take candy from a baby," Hopsin said of potentially dissing Soulja.

Near the latter half of the interview, the three rappers give updates on what they have coming up. Hopsin reveals he'll be working on something with drummer Travis Barker in the near future."I'm working on Knock Madness, and aside from that I'm working with Travis Barker. We're gunna get in the studio when I get back to Los Angeles, and we're gunna just work on some tracks and all that and just try to come up with something funky."

Dizzy Wright lets fans know about his upcoming EP, "2013...I'ma just keep working, man. I'm dropping a project on December 3rd, The First Agreement, it's an EP. It's just like, my end-of-year package. You know I've been going strong all year, so I just wanna stay consistent next year."

Finally Jarren Benton announces a project with Thom Yorke in the works, "I'm working on my first Funk Volume project...also got a project coming out with Thom Yorke."

While the three rappers were visiting Tim Westwood, they spit a freestyle for him, which you can check out here.

Watch their interview below.