2020 was a relatively quiet year for Hopsin, who kicked things off on an amusing note with the release of his topical single "COVID Mansion." Since then, however, it's been somewhat of a drought, with fans quick to take notice of his absence. Luckily, Hop has come through to provide his listeners with an update on his situation, providing an explanation as to why he hasn't been as active on the musical front. 


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"Over the past three or four years I was in a really dark, depressing state," he admits. "I felt like hurting myself, I felt like hurting others who were contributing to the place that I was in. I really thought there was no way out of the place that I was in, ever...I ended up staying at home all the time, ordering Dominos pizzas, never leaving the house, creating my own hell. I eventually got into such a dark place I said fuck it, let me go to therapy, what do I have to lose."

"In the process of doing therapy, it felt good to vent, to talk about my problems," he continues. "I wouldn't say the first few sessions cured everything, but I was curious to dive deeper and understand myself and what was going on. I decided to get into hypnotherapy, and man, this fuckin' lady ripped my soul out of my body and put it back in, brought to light all this shit I never knew existed. I was living my life with these traumas that I never knew existed. Fueling my actions and reactions to things that were going on, and I had no idea."


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Following these revelations, Hop moved to Thailand in an effort to learn more about the human condition, which ultimately helped him gain further empathy and compassion for others. "The reason I'm making this VLOG is I want to let you know that the music that's coming out is music I made during my dark times. I didn't put it out because I wasn't ready to be an artist publically. I didn't feel like being Hopsin, I wanted to do music behind the scenes. I made a bunch of songs during this crazy time, and I told myself when the time is right I'ma release these songs."

"Fast forward to 2021, the time is right," he confirms. "I'm going to put these songs out, but I want to make something clear. I am not in this place anymore, when you hear these songs and see these videos. I have grown out of it. I made it over that speedbump, and I'm onto my next journey. But I want to share these with you...I want you to know if you feel like you're in that place, you can get out of it." 

Check out Hop's inspiring update below, and sound off if you're looking forward to hearing the songs he's been holding on to.