When Hopsinstopped by the HNHH offices recently to promote his new album Pound Syndrome, he was affable, conversational, and light-hearted. A different side of him came out last night as he blasted the rap industry, and trap music in particular, in an 18-part Twitter rant.

"Almost every popular rapper right now started rapping about 2 years ago," he wrote. "The rap and porn industry are the only professions where you don't have to have skills to get in it."

The only artist Hopsin singled out was Drake, for using a ghostwriter, but he only criticized of Drake to make a larger argument, which is that hip hop culture doesn't tend to value artistic-minded, thought-provoking rappers.

"Most these idiots in the game are far from a real nigga. They have completely ruined the black culture with their bullshit," he wrote. "Now we got the whole black race focused on the nae nae while still being broke as fuck and never knowing how to get out of the hood...This rap game has and always will be on some bullshit."

See the whole rant below. Thoughts?