At the beginning of 2014 we saw Hopsin go on quite the depressing Twitter rant, even going so far as to mentioning suicide and dissing his own Knock Madness album. It seemed to be a result of his new-found fame getting to him, and now once again Hopsin has taken to the social platform Twitter to bash his "Knock Madness" tour, his fans, and generally be depressed with fame.

The focus of the rant was Hop's dislike of being famous, and specifically mentioned a show that turned sour in Fort Collins, Colorado, when Hop decided to walk off the stage and stop performing. "I'm sorry to all of u in Fort Collins. I walked away from the show and never turned around. I had too much pain to perform," the rapper admitted.

He started by declaring he was done with the limelight, "As of today I'm officially burned out. I'm 100 percent over being in this light." He also went on to call out two-faced fans, "The rap game can suck my dick and so can u two faced dick riding fans who are quick to turn your back on me if I don't give u what u want."

"This whole tour can go to hell along with the pain I suffer trying to please these idiots. I'm a god damn slave monkey in a circus now," Hopsin said. He added, "My heart just isn't on stage when I perform anymore. All I think about is how bad I can't wait to get off stage when I'm on stage."

The Funk Volume rapper tweeted, "I post this stuff because I don't wanna be fake with youguys," before going on to say "everyone around me could die and I honestly wouldn't give a fuck. Even my parents."

We're unsure what will become of Hop's "Knock Madness" tour, or if this is just a momentary setback for the lyrical rapper. We'll keep you posted, you can check out all his tweets in the gallery above.