Hopsin's been quiet recently for a good chunk of this year. Following the death of his label Funk Volume, the rapper went off to start another label under the name Undercover Prodigy. The hype that Hopsin had around his name died down over the past few years, especially since the rappers he'd target in his diss tracks never really responded. The majority of them are also still carrying pretty successful careers. Nonetheless, Hopsin's been on his way to making a comeback into the limelight. Last week, he declared "The Purge" in his latest track. It was the first many heard from Hopsin in a long time and was a sign that he had something coming in the near future. Today, he hit up Bootleg Kev and Dre Sinatra to drop some bars over Cardi B's recently dubbed platinum record.

For two minutes, Hopsin goes in over Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" without missing a break or losing breath. While he's previously been critical of mainstream hip hop and anything popular, Bootleg Kev was shocked that he'd tackle this beat. However, Hopsin's lyrical prowess takes over as his eyes close and he unleashes. The rapper doesn't blatantly take any shots at anyone in particular but he does make sure to put rappers on notice. 

"Fuck a shark bitch, I'm a sea urchin/ And this is water you don't want to go feet first in/You got a bite like a croc, I'm Steve Irwin/ I had to fight for my spot, I deserve it/ Look at me rise to the top, I mean merge in/ I ain't got to tell you to make a CD purchase." 

Hopsin is making his way back into everyone's radar. While he's been quiet for the majority of 2017, he's definitely been gearing up to take over the fall. Following the release of "The Purge" last week, Hopsin took to Instagram to hint at a potential project in the future. It read "'Twas a nice Purge and a true class act of mad Max. I may or may not have an album announcement in a couple weeks." While he hasn't released any information for the project, he told Bootleg Kev and Dre Sinatra that he chose to lay low to stack up on ammo before dropping. Well, he opened the doors with "The Purge" so let's see what he'll deliver next.

Watch the freestyle and interview below: