Hopsin raised some eyebrows when he went at both Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, seemingly out of nowhere, on his recent track, "Hop Is Back". Up until this point, the Funk Volume rapper had not spoken on the comments from the track. Hop spoke to HipHopDX on his true feelings towards the two rappers.

While Hopsin admitted to being a fan of Kanye's old material, he explained that he no longer appreciates what Yeezy is doing.

“I’m a Kanye West fan,” he said. “I like Kanye West. I like a lot of his old stuff so, you know, it’s not [like I’m not a fan]. But he’s on some bullshit now. He’s on some straight up [bullshit]. I’m not the only one that thinks this but it’s not even about what other people think. I just know what the fuck I think. Yeah, he’s on some bullshit.” 

Ultimately he expressed no hard feelings towards West. “It’s two humans,” he said. “It doesn’t matter. We’re just two humans doing human shit at the end of the day. 

As far as Kendrick Lamar, Hop said that he appreciated what the Compton emcee did with "Control," and expressed that his rhymes came from a similar competitive standpoint.

“I’m glad Kendrick did that,” he said. “I hope it made other rappers [feel] like, ‘Oh shit, we gotta step our game up.’ That’s good. I’m glad that he fucking did that. That’s a great move. I don’t hate Kendrick Lamar. I’ve got nothing against him. I listen to his stuff from time to time. He’s not a guy that I’m trying to go to war with. I’m not saying that I’m fearing it like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to war.’ He’s a West Coast artist. He’s doing his shit. I’m not hating on him. But, it’s the Rap game. He knows it and says the same. It’s the Rap game. Rappers are gonna be fucking rappers."

“He raised the bar, but I’m a rapper myself,” Hop added. “There’s not ever gonna be a time where I’m involved in something full-throttle with my life and I can just let someone else come out and go, ‘Boom! I’m the king.’ If I let you say that, and not acknowledge that, then I’m cool with that person being king. Nah.”

Watch the video for the song in question below.