Though some have struggled to move past the pale-eyes and occasionally self-deprecating subject matter, few can deny that Hopsin can spit bars at an elite level. It's no wonder Eminem took a moment to shout him out on "Fall," a gesture that did not go unappreciated by a gleeful Hop. Now, with rumors of an eventual collaboration gaining traction, Hop took a moment to pay homage to one of the great moments in Shady/Aftermath history.

Hopsin Forgot About Dre Eminem

During a recent livestream, Hopsin came through with a flawless rendition of Dr. Dre and Eminem's 2001 collaboration "Forgot About Dre." As the menacing strings kicked into gear, he took things back to a simpler time. "This is one of my favorite songs of all time," he prefaces. "This is like when I found out about Eminem." He proceeds to lower his cadence and dive into Dre's opening verse with the confidence of a man well-practiced. Before long, the song is over and the nostalgia levels verge on critical mass.

"I love that song," he gushes, upon completion. "When that song came out, that was better than Michael Jackson 'Thriller.' I don't know how many of you guys remember, but when that song came out -- oh my God. Come on man. That was the hottest song in the world. The hottest fucking rap song I've ever heard in my life. I had to learn every fuckin lyric of that song. That is one of the best songs of all time."