Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, which means people in relationships everywhere are scrambling to figure out how properly profess their love to a significant other. However, for the unwillingly single Valentine’s Day can be bittersweet. Restaurant chain Hooter’s is here to comfort those without lovers in their warm, ample bosom this Valentine’s Day by offering free wings (on one condition).

If you bring a photo of your ex to the chain on Valentine's Day and shred it on the spot, the restaurant will give you a bonus 10 wings with the purchase of 10 wings. Two for one, all for doing something you wanted to do deep down anyway. They call it the #ShredYourEx campaign, and the Hooter’s girls promise they’ll help.

If you’re too embarrassed to actually shred the photo in public, you can upload a picture to the Shred Your Ex website, at which point you’ll get a coupon for the additional 10 wings.

Hooter’s ran the promotion last year as well, and claim over 25,000 people participated in some for of ex-shredding. Anyone going to be hitting Hooter’s on February 14? The real troll move would be going to Hooter’s on Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) just to make all the shredders feel extra bad.

[via Hooter's]