In his relatively young career, Hoodrich Pablo Juan has become one of 1017 Eskimo's brightest prospects. In a team that includes Asian Doll, Lil Wop, Mal & Quill and others, Pablo Juan's star is arguably the brightest. With the first installment of the artist's Hoodwolf collaboration with Danny Wolf coming in May of last year, Pablo Juan had originally wished to drop the sequel almost exactly one year later, on Cinco de Mayo. Unfortunately, as release dates are often fluid in the music industry, the project had to be pushed back. With his name buzzing through his inclusion on the Migos' mega-mix of Cardi B's "Drip," there is no better time than right now to drop the tape. With that said, we only need to wait a few more days to hear what Danny and Pablo have been up to.

Publishing a promotional video for Hoodwolf 2, the rapper revealed that he was dropping on July 20, giving us two days to fully prepare. One of Danny Wolf's most recent projects comes in the form of his collaborative EP with 6 Dogs and fans are excited to hear some more of his beats on Friday. 

After such a hectic release calendar for May and June, Hoodrich looks to liven up this week with some of his charm. Are you looking forward to it?