More sad news continues to roll in this week as reports have revealed that Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy lost both of his grandparents in a suspicious house fire on the evening of Wednesday, February 17. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the J. Prince's new protégé, HoneyKomb Brazy is a Rap-A-Lot artist from Alabama who is known for fan-favorite mixtapes like Honey Komb Hideout and recent songs like "223." The rapper just released his 1067 project last month, but now things have taken a dark turn for the rising artist.

According to HipHopDX, HoneyKomb Brazy’s grandparents were found deceased in a Mobile, Alabama house fire yesterday evening. The fire that engulfed the house was reportedly so large that it also damaged the house next door. While that news is horrifying enough, more troubling information about their death has surfaced as well.

An on-scene witness alleges that they heard gunshots just prior to the blaze and told Mobile News Station WKRG, “All I heard was a boom. It sounded like a bunch of shots. Lord have mercy. Don’t tell me they were up in there because Lord, I heard the children coming across the field crying. I pray for the Jones family. It’s just too crazy.”

Footage has also surfaced from yesterday evening that showcases the massive flames.

Local authorities are currently investigating the situation, and although they have not confirmed whether a shooting also played a part in the death of HoneyKomb Brazy's grandparents, the rapper's memorial post on Instagram seems to allude that their death was the result of an attack.

"Long live grandma n grandpa y’all was my heart fr I put y’all in every song," the rapper said. "I hate y’all got caught up in my shit smh this hurt main I beg y’all to let me move y’all everyday."

More details are sure to come in the coming weeks, but for now, our condolences are with HoneyKomb Brazy and his family.