More magical work from Jesushands, the prankster responsible for sneakily setting up tarps behind the Hollywood sign so that it read Hollyweed. Less than two weeks after turning himself in to police for turning wood into weed and logging some quick jail time plus a $1,000 bond, Jesushands, who was born Zach Fernandez, ventured upstate to a San Francisco landmark for his next stunt. He pulled this one off, too. 

Late Saturday night, amid inauguration weekend, Jesushands visited the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and once again, he was able to display a message that could be read from a faraway distance. A rep for the prankster told TMZ that Jesushands was able to hop the railing of the bridge in order to make it onto an exterior walkway that isn't open to pedestrians. That's where he was able to hang a 40-foot banner that reads "IMPEACH," clearly addressed to the man who was just inaugurated. The bottom of the banner also says "You're Fired," though those words are much smaller and more difficult to see. 

As with the Hollyweed stunt, Jesushands has basically turned himself in for going after Trump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only has a rep confirmed him to be the doer of the deed, but Jesushands has also posted a photo of the giant banner as well as pics of him and a friend preparing to sneak onto the bridge's exterior on his Instagram page. 

The banner was taken down on Sunday, and the California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the stunt. It seems like Jesushands is more concerned with carrying out his feats of protest than he is with the consequences. Assuming he doesn't get in too much trouble for this one, what landmark will his godly hands touch next?