Hodgy - Makaveli (lofi)

  February 01, 2016 11:56
Makaveli (lofi)
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Hodgy is back again with a trio of records.

For the past two weeks in a row, Hodgy Beats has blessed fans with a set of three different records, all appended with (lofi). It's unclear what he plans to do with his collection of "(lofi)" records, but the trend continues today with another trifecta. 

This time, out of three records, two are freestyles while one is an original cut. On "Makaveli (lowfi)" Hodgy raps over production from Ahmad's "Back in the Day." He adopts a similar theme as Ahmad's original, as he reminisces about an era bygone, using a '90s-inspired flow over the old school beat.

If you missed his past releases, there's plenty of catching up to do. Start here.

Quotable Lyrics

In the morning I'm njust chasing after bowls of captain crunch
I'm a little n*gga but I'm a live wire
They say a hot head is known to set shit on fire
Girl, I remember the days I used to sneak inside your house
Crazy over your pussy, your mama catch us, kick me out

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