Our favorite comments round-up returns for its second week of life. We perused the comment section, or perhaps more accurately, dove head first into it, to see what you, the good people of HNHH, have been saying throughout the week on various pieces of content. We're looking for the comments that make us chuckle or full-out LMAO while not being overtly-troll-y (and chances are, if it is extremely troll driven, it's not that funny anyways). Chuckling and lmao-ing can be subjective, keep that in mind. Nonetheless some of these managed to get Top Comment while others were lesser-seen commentary within an article.

Take a look at the round-up. Should we start an e-mail for comment submissions? If you see a hilarious comment, send it in? Chime off in the peanut gallery.

Watch Lil Wayne's Skateboarding Video

User: clarityandwisdom

Apparently pickings are slim for Lil Wayne photos. Duly noted.

YouTuber Lena The Plug Promises Sex Tape If She Gets 1 Million Followers

User: Nugga

Soooo hip-hop. Pure hip-hop content right here. Exactly what the people have been asking for amirite.

VOTE: What Hip Hop Fashion Trend Needs To Make A Comeback?

User: HIPHOP11

This poll pulled more than a few hilarious comments from our users. First up is HIPHOP11's observation that Nelly's excitement, his hand-holding with Shaq, and his smallness in comparison to the former basketball player, make him look like a small child who's dreams just came true.

User: Skips

The second comment we're highlighting comes from Skips. Don't need to say much else, besides, lmao/true.

Everything You Need To Know About 6LACK

User: Jimmy Blaze

This is one of those unintentionally funny comments. Jimmy Blaze with one of life's most burning questions. How long has he been wondering this, I wonder??

Cardi B - Lick

User: The Gift of JERICHO

We should probably make "HOTTTTT GARBAGE" a rating.

Drake Dines With Porn Star In Amsterdam

User: Weekday


He's too fast for his own good. 

Stitches Arrested At Whole Foods On Gun & Drug Charges: Report

User: Jeff Foster

"South Park" life lessons.

Stream Migos' New Album "Culture"

User: Debbie

Mama Debbie earned herself a few replies, but Uncle Drew with the shits was among the funniest-- who is this bitch? 

Twitter Reacts To Migos' "Culture"

User: Dark Magician

This is funny, but even so, I'll have to agree with Twitter.