The unannounced and unplanned theme of this week appears to be comments that are unrelated to the article itself. This is actually pretty common fare for our HNHH users, if you're on the site frequently you know that whatever article you happen to be on is as good a place as any to say whatever the fuck happens to be on your mind, regardless of relevance. However there were a few in particular that stood out this week. Take a look at the comment round up. 

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21 Savage Pumped Hearing Jay Z Line About Him On DJ Khaled's "Shining"

User: stbrick1017

Although your comment had nothing to do with the article at hand, your reach has somehow worked. 

Migos Send 50 Cent Shit Ton Of Rap Snacks Following His Request

User: Hnhh Bully!! Bout that action!'

Hnhh Bully!! strikes again. Returning from last week's feature, he's made yet another hilarious comment that provides some well-thought out details as to 50 Cent's *hypothetical* chip-eating habits, he's even provided us with possible dialogue.

Mike-WiLL Made It Reveals "Ransom 2" Tracklist

User: Pimp-Czar

This sounds more like a bad feeling (insert thinking-face emoji).

Top 5 Beats On Future's New Album

User: â˜”️Hentai Leader The Beater☔️

This was most definitely off topic, but I had to google it, and it's definitely worth the google. Do your googles, guys.

Highlights: NBA Dunk Contest, Skills Challenge, & 3-Point Contest

User: Swooshgang

Maybe it was this dude.

Soulja Boy Says Chris Brown Won't Sign Fight Contract 

User: SayItAintTom

We haven't all been paying as close attention to Soulja Boy's hairline as we should be, apparently. He is right, though.

 Justin Bieber Contests Photo Evidence Of Him Peeing His Pants

User: louis

Louis is back again, this time killing two birds with one stone in his diss aimed at the Biebz. He not only proves he's team Starboy, he also insinuates that Justin Bieber is a girl. SHOTS FIRED, SOMEONE COME GET THIS MAN. Or not.

Stream Future’s New Album “HNDRXX”

User: Real Nigga Benson

This isn't really a laugh-out-loud type of funny comment, it's just a that's-so-true comment.

Jay Z On Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction: "This Is A Win For US"

User:🌴RonBoi jr🌴