It’s quite common for an artist to cross over into the movie industry. However, not everyday can an artist make a transition into the business side of this industry. Jay-Z made an attempt and didn’t do the best job. You can’t blame him because wanting to be an artist and business man doesn’t go hand in hand and can often spell disaster.

Young Money is successful for a number of reasons. Mack Maine is one. He’s made the switch into the business aspect of YM as the President. From handling the costs of producers, booking flights and hotel rooms on major tours, to helping develop a sound in the artists - Mack does it all. He’s been one of the few artists fortunate to be capable to juggle the business aspect of the music industry and still rap occasionally.

What’s happening world? Sermon is back with an exclusive interview for HotNewHipHop. Today is a phenomenal day because we have a man whose skills surpass those of just a microphone and stretch far into the business chair. We have Young Money President, Mack Maine.

Sermon: Mack, how is everything going?

MM: I’m great man. I’m blessed. I can’t complain.

Sermon: Last week, you dropped The Laxative was it just getting rid of older music before you start on new tracks? You mentioned to XXL that you have 200+ songs that are unreleased. So does that mean you plan on doing more installments of The Laxative or was it just a onetime thing?

MM: Naw, the Laxative 2 will be coming soon. Definitely be coming soon.

Sermon: How do you let all these records just not come out? Like you don’t ever say, “Let me upload this record for the net to go wild”?

MM: I was focused on other aspects of the music. It was basically getting this Young Money brand off the ground. I mean, it’s like I get paid for a hobby when it comes to the music. I just love to record. I’m one of those guys who would be recording even if I wasn’t on. If I had a 9-5 or whatever I was doing, I’d come home and make sure I still made music. So basically I was doing just to do what I do. Music is an expression. It’s a good way to vent. But I’m a business man first.

Sermon: You were able to build into the business aspect of YM instead of being like any regular artist and sitting around on the label. How were you able to do that?

MM: It was something that we wanted to do from day one. I explained this story before that Young Money was once just a clique instead of a record label. But I always knew we’d make our dreams and wishes come true. So I always made sure I was prepared when the opportunity came through. It was always something that Tez, Wayne and I always talked about. When the opportunity finally came and we started the label like we was going to go serious with our artists, I just became the President.

Sermon: Do you think Young Money would be in the same position if you hadn’t become the business man you are today?

MM: Yes, I would hope that it’d be the same. I’m a very impactful player on the game as far as the business. I know that being an Exec, I have a great relationship with all of my artists. I’m not just the president, I’m the brother. It’s a plus that we can all get along. At most labels, artists can’t even talk to their execs. They get assigned a A&R but that’s not really how I like to run things.

Sermon: Young Money’s brand is well balanced in different fields. There have been a lot of artists that have come and gone though. I wanted to ask you, if you had an answer to this, what happened to artists like Real and Juliany who did various records with Wayne?

MM: Um, Real was family. Still family. Once you family, you always family. The other guy you said, I don’t know him. I think he was one of the guys where the song leaked and it had an open spot, so he just laid a verse down. With Real, he wanted to venture off and do his own things. It’s how a lot of artists want to do. You can’t knock ‘em. It’s like a brother who wants to do his own thing. You still love them like a brother but you have to let them go on their own and show what they can do. I try to check on him every now and then just to make sure he’s doing alright. No hard feelings with Real and the other guy I never heard of him.

Sermon: Lucci Lou has been closely affiliated since No Ceilings came out. Any plans on signing him to YM?

MM: I mean Lucci’s family. He’s from New Orlean and we’ve known him for a long time. I talked to him the other day. This is how it works; Lucci is going to be in this system in some kind of way. He got a song with me, he got a song with Wayne and a song with Cory. As far as him signing, I wanted to wait until Wayne came home. We have a lot of artists. We going to fit him in some kind of way. He’s Young Money whether or not he’s got papers. He’s YM at heart.

Sermon: You also have Kush Entertainment and Soothe Your Soul Entertainment. Are there any plans for either of them in the future?

MM: With Soothe Your Soul, I’m actually in the process of signing my first artist now. Kush, we still going to do the DVDs and also, we branched off to promoting concerts. That’s basically what I want Kush to be. Hopefully we graduate to movies one day. As far as Soothe Your Soul, I want that to be a separate brand than Young Money as far as the type of music we produce.

My first artist, actually, plays the piano and sings plus he has a Gospel background too. I want Soothe Your Soul to just be some soulful music. It might not have any rap on there. If I do have any, it’ll be in a different lane from what we doing with YM. I don’t want it to be a clash with Young Money and be competition. That’s basically my two entities right there, Kush and Soothe Your Soul.

Sermon: So do you have a projection when you plan on introducing your artist to the world?

MM: As soon as I finish this paperwork. He’s pretty big though. He has an underground following. Right now, he’s on tour with one of the biggest bands. It’s my favorite band. It’s not like he’s opening up for them. He’s actually playing with them.

Sermon: I appreciate the interview. After Nicki drops Pink Friday, what’s next for Young Money?

MM: The sky’s the limit. We have Tyga. We still have Twist. No telling what Wayne is going to want to do when he comes out. I’m looking forward to doing another YM album. It’s so much talent that it’s about time to do another one. Definitely Twist and Tyga will be coming soon. And Wayne’s Carter IV will be coming soon.

Download Mack Maine's New Mixtape w/ DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar here:

The Laxative