Here at the HNHH offices, we've long felt that a change has been brewing. As many of our more vocal detractors have been quick to point out, our site occasionally steps outside the realm of hip-hop; at this point, "NotNewHipHop" has lost all luster as a viable shot, considering it's been beaten into the ground harder than Old Town Road remixes. In any case, let it be known. This site will be, and will always be centered around hip-hop culture, be it past, present, or even future.

Yet we're also here to keep you updated on sneakers, sports, entertainment, gaming, fashion, gossip (yes, there is indeed a demographic that enjoys it - we have the receipts), politics, crime, and so much more. If it's going on in the world, affecting people who care about hip-hop, we want to be the place that keeps you posted. And rest assured, we strive to keep the Original Content coming, centered around the art of hip-hop and those who have contributed to its growth. Should that be your bread and butter, we're hoping these changes and new implementations can make your on-site experience easier.

As you might have noticed our categorization process has been given a complete overhaul today. Given that our subject matter has branched out so widely, we felt that we needed to open the door for some new ones to shine. So now, should you be looking for a more specific idea of what to expect, stop that. The complete breakdown runs as follows:

INTERVIEWS: For all original HNHH interviews, including series like On The Come Up, or our various conversations with some of the game's best artists. 

HNHH TV: Same as before, for our video series like "Snack Review," "In My Bag," and more. 

HIP-HOP HISTORY: Don't say we aren't up on game. Here you'll find reflections on hip-hop's timeless classics, anniversary celebrations, anything pertaining to the history of this beautiful culture.

TECH: Self-explanatory.

POLITICS: Self-explanatory.

???: Stories that leave you looking like "Confused Nick Young." 

GOSSIP: The stories you love to hate. The "Souces Said" business. 

NUMBERS: Does going platinum still hold weight? While that's debatable, the fact remains that numbers don't lie. 

BARS: Funk Flex, eat your heart out. 

ANTICS: You already know. Wild behavior, foul behavior, dubious behavior. 

POP CULTURE: For those who toe the line between hip-hop culture and the world of pop music. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Self-explanatory. If you've never been in one, it's when two people love each other and forge a bond. Yes, this category includes the subsequent ice cream.

MUSIC: Tracklists, album announcements, tour dates, delays, "coming soons." 

GRAM: New whips? Baddest in the game contenders? If it came from Instagram, bet that you'll find it here.

CRIME: This world isn't safe. Stay connected. 

BEEF: This is hip-hop. Sometimes people don't like each other. 

ORIGINAL CONTENT: A personal favorite of mine, Original Content is reserved for our think pieces and editorials. For those who openly lament some of the non-hip-hop related categories, you might want to keep a watchful eye on OC

MOVIES: Self-explanatory. 

GAMING: Self-explanatory.

TV: Self-explanatory. 

FOOD: You know, those food deals and promotions you all love so much!

STREETWEAR: Fashion. New Looks. You already know.

SNEAKERS: You're all familiar with this by now.

SPORTS: Look for more specific subdivisions centering around your favorite sports.

REVIEWS: Self-explanatory, only now has been expanded to include movies.