HotNewHipHop will be standing in solidarity with our Black friends, Black colleagues, Black music creators, Black family to pause our typical news cycle on today, June 2nd.

In observance of #BlackOutTuesday we will be refraining from our typical news output. Today we will be solely focusing on the coverage of the protests across the United States. There are so many unbelievable clips and images shared across social networks that show just how corrupt our judicial system is in the wake of the protests-- just how corrupt the law is-- and it is a matter of built-in racism, built-in discrimination, built-in hatred, built-in oppression, built-in classism.

It's been pervading our communities for long enough. How many more Black lives will we lose until something changes? As long as these inherently racist institutions remain in place, there will be violence against Black lives. It's time to not only speak up, but stand up. It's time to demand change. 

Remember George Floyd.

Breonna Taylor.

Ahmaud Arbery.

David McAtee.

Eric Garner.

Ezell Ford.

Michelle Cusseaux.

Tanisha Anderson.

Tamir Rice.

Natasha McKenna.

Walter Scott.

Bettie Jones.

Philando Castile.

Botham Jean.

Atatiana Jefferson.

Eric Reason.

Dominique Clayton.

Cornelius Brown.

Tiara Thomas.

Jamar Clark.

Richard Perkins.

Michael Lee Marshall.

Kevin Matthews.

Michael Noel.

Leroy Browning.

Roy Nelson.

Sandra Bland.

Nathaniel Pickett.

Alonzo Smith.

Anthony Ashford.

Dominic Huthinson.

Lamontez Jones.

Rayshaun Cole.

Paterson Brown.

Christopher Kimble.

Junior Prosper.

Keith McLeod.

Wayne Wheeler.

Lavante Bigs.

India Kager.

Tyree Crawford.

James Carney III.

Felix Kumi.

Yet these names merely scratch the surface when it come to innocent Black lives lost over racism and police brutality.

To view more Black lives killed at the hands of the police, click here.