With the help of I Luv Lola promoting, Rich Hil and his crew invaded Toronto the weekend of December 16th, and fortunately I was able to catch the performance and get in a quick interview. I am aware of the fact that Rich Hil easily attracts negative attention. Is it because people don't think that Ricky Hil is real? Maybe the hate stems from the fact that his father is Tommy Hilfiger, or perhaps it surfaces from his emotionally- charged lyrics, which typically involve drug-talk and a sense of degeneracy. But really, Rich Hil is doing his own thing, he raps what’s on his mind, and it's safe to say he doesn't give a fuck what you think. After having met Rich and gotten a more-than-satisfying amount of fugged-up in his presence, I can honestly say he is one chill guy, very much lacking a celebrity persona. Hil has created a genre of music unique to himself, one which shares a similar vibe to the Weeknd (who happens to be good friends with Rich, and reached the venue to support his homie), that is, a new-age take on drug-infused rap with blatant influences from r’n’b. Rich Hil seems to have perfected his raspy-crooning & hippie-style over the past few years, and the result can be heard on his most recent mixtape, “500 Grams”, which is entirely produced by Lex Luger. “500 Grams” is vulnerable and emotional, crossbred with marijuana-smokin, syrup-sippin, pill-poppin influences, which is really the basis for most of Rich’s music.

Rich Hil's visit to Toronto was in conjunction with the opening of “Community54”, a store run by Boo Bonic (of Philly's Most Wanted, and good friend of Rich). There is already a Community54 functioning out of New York, the concept being straight-forward; a trendy boutique directed towards hip-hop heads. It has a laid-back yet high-end feel, and satisfies any urban enthusiasts' vintage needs. Rich Hil showed up wearing brown Timberlands, a ragged black hoodie & a ripped t-shirt under a jean vest with similarly worn-in pants. The whole notion behind “limos” was even represented in his outfit. “Limo life”, which is tattooed on Hil’s knuckles, ironically symbolizes a “fuck you” to the bourgeois & flashy lifestyles associated with limousines.

Rich Hil, alongside Boo Bonic for the most part, performed for a little over an hour long. Hil and Bonic were rapping back and forth, demonstrating phenomenal stage presence, interacting with the crowd, pushing in tons of material from various mixtapes, which resulted in a dope live concert. Although the venue was by no means packed, everyone was having a sick time, which could be witnessed by the groupie bitches clawing and holding onto Hil’s legs, at times I thought they might not let go. These girl were intense. The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye and the entire XO crew added to the fun when they came through! Good times were had by all. Especially me though. Peep the interview and re-cap of our time in Toronto below!!

Cop “500 Grams” here, and Rich Hil's debut album, “Support Your Local Drug Dealer,” which is supposed to drop in January!

 Video filmed & edited by Filtered Life