As someone on the outside looking in might suggest, Audio Push is nothing more than another duo pertaining to the Jerk movement. Their smash record “Teach Me How To Jerk” left an impact and created a first impression to fans of Hip-Hop worldwide. Way past that stage of their career, they prove that they have the abilities to actually rap. The latest mixtape, Backstage Pass (Hosted By DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar), showcase their lyrics as well as song making abilities.

In this interview, you’ll become more in tune with their mindstate behind such things as creating the jerk record to rocking Skinny Jeans. Price Tag and Oktane discuss things like producing, the new B.O.W. phrase (read on to learn what it means) and more. You’ll definitely walk away with a different perspective on the Southern Cali natives. Don't forget to download/listen to Backstage Pass too.

You two are a multi-dimensional group covering aspects of rapping, song writing, singing and producing. What is your favorite of the four and what do you feel that you're best at (if it's different from your favorite?

Price: well I am into producing, but my first love is rapping. I’ve been doing it since I was 8, so as much as I love song writing and producing nothing is as fun as rapping!!

I've always wanted to ask someone this and now that I have you two for this interview I can. For someone who isn't accustomed the Skinny Jeans culture, they are likely to bash it. Most of the lyrical artists and various fans always diss it. How does that make you feel and why do you like to wear 'em?

Price: Honestly, *laughs* I could care less how a person felt about my jeans. It’s a little homo for a guy to comment on another man’s jeans in the first place and for the most part women love the way I dress. I have no complaints. I have been wearing my pants skinny and slim for about 5 yrs now.

Oktane: I been rocking mine skinny for about 3 years now.


In the next 10 years, do you see Hip-Hop changing in terms of how albums come out, the sound and direction of the music, etc.?

Oktane: Yes, I can’t really say how it’s going to be but I am almost positive it is going to be way beyond what we can imagine. I’m excited to see where music goes and I just hope we are still around to be a part of it!

Now, you guys had released "Teach Me How To Jerk" and basically fell into the category of dance crazes. On Backstage Pass and previous tapes though, you two showcase your abilities further beyond the dance floor. It was actually way better than I was expecting. I'm a fan now. Why did you two choose to start in the game in the jerking scene when you have the lyrical, singing and song making abilities?

Oktane: Well we have always made music that we liked and that we could relate to. At the time jerking came out there was no official song for the dance so we made one. From there, lots of artists starting making jerk records and it became a big thing. Once it was time for us to chose a label to sign with, our song "Teach Me How To Jerk" was already on the radio. We could not leave something we helped start so we stuck with it. We aren't and never were "Jerk Artists" though. We always have had the ability to make great music so that’s what we do and are going to continue to do.


The Broadies over Woadies phrase sounds like it something Master P would've been saying. How did you two come up with the B.O.W. phrase?

Price: Actually it was created by our broadie Ceetle and we just embraced it. Once he explained it to us, we went nuts like we are going to take over the world with this movement! We started to recruit more and made the B.O.W record. So many people fell in love with the movement and now we are turning it into a label and a clothing line. It is going to be huge!


Pricetag, you handle some of the production for Audio Push. What got you into producing and how do you keep developing yourself to become a better producer?

Price: I have always had a thing for great production. It was a time where we would ask people to send us beats and they would send the worst beats ever *laughs* or be missing that 1 thing. So from there I started making beats on fruity loops and watching Kadis, Sean (both of Rozmusic) and Hit-Boy (Surf Club) create. It made me just want to get better! I just try to do it as much as possible the more you practice at something the better you will get.


With such a good mixtape featuring all original production, do you feel like you two have set the bar high for your album?

Download Mixtape here:

Oktane: Yes, that is the plan.

Price: We want people to expect nothing but greatness from us, because that’s what we plan to give them; Nothing but greatness. We are just excited to show the world what Audio Push musically has to offer.