HotNewHipHop & Sermons Domain are teaming up to bring you an exclusive DJ series in which we take the time to pick the brains of today's Hottest and most popular DJ's.  First up is Atlanta's DJ Holiday...Holiday Seasonnnnn!!!


The real DJs aren’t in this game complaining. They continue to strive and set themselves apart from the rest. One key player in the game you have to acknowledge is DJ Holiday. He’s been instrumental in branding such artists like Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Alley Boy, and now his artist, Raz Fresco. With Laced Up, Raz’s tape, out and getting love from the blogs, Holiday is also preparing his currently untitled EP. Reflecting on his mixtape career in Hot New Hip Hop’s new series, he runs down his top five tapes he’s hosted and includes a little story.


DJ Holiday’s Top 5 Mixtapes


1) Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday - “EA Sports Center” – Me, Zaytoven & Gucci were trapped out in Zaytoven’s studio for a week straight making this mixtape. I’m talking about nothing but good music, Popeye’s chicken, & you know the rest. This mixtape became an Eastside classic.


2) Nicki Minaj & DJ Holiday – “Beam Me Up Scotty” – This mixtape was special to me because when I was going through the music, I felt that we were about to make history. In my head I was thinking I had never heard anything like what she [Nicki Minaj] was doing. Later on when I heard Nicki say “Which bitch u know made a million off a mixtape “it just proved that we made history and I’m sure all of her billions of Barbie’s would agree.


3) Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday – “Writing on The Wall” – Gucci had just got out of jail and we went straight to the studio and did five records for this tape. The first song was “First Day Out and that song hit the net and the anticipation for the mixtape was through the roof. Gucci’s first single “Wasted” featuring Plies came off this mixtape and it was another classic. 


4) Holiday Season Vol. 3 – This tape right here I put together for the streets really. When we released it, there was no promo or nothing; we just put a link out there via Twitter and I swear within 17 hours of its release, I had over a million downloads. I was like wow; I guess the streets really fuck with the Holiday Season movement.


5) Raz Fresco & DJ Holiday – “Laced Up” - Since day one, I’ve always been looking for an artist that I can put on my back and introduce to the world.  One of my people from Drake’s camp kept telling me about this 15 years old kid from Toronto who’s making a lot of noise.  I pulled Raz [Fresco] up on the net and was blown away by him. I immediately flew him to Atlanta and signed him to my imprint Commission Music Group and we completed laced up in two weeks.


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