New reports indicate that at least 125 people have tested positive for HIV, Syphilis, or a combination of both in what is being deemed as one of the largest STI clusters ever reported in American history.

However, the number of cases is expected to grow once more people come forward to seek testing, allowing clinicians to trace their sexual behaviour to identify a new crop of potential carriers. They also note how a sizeable sum won't seek immediate medical attention for fear of being stigmatized by the results. 

Among those diagnosed are a dozen high school students, which is a alarming statistic to ponder. City officials are issuing a public health warning, especially for citizens between the ages of 15-24, who are the most at risk for contracting the either HIV or Sphyilis. 

The majority of people who have been diagnosed with one or both of these sexually transmitted infections are men, with 45 percent testing positive for the incurable, but manageable, HIV virus. 

"We are working with the health department to provide preventative information to our students as they fall within this age group and we have the unique ability to literally reach hundreds of students at one time with information that can protect their health," reveals Milwaukee Public School spokeswoman Denise Callaway. 

The outbreak is being considered a cluster because the infected individuals could be connected to one another.