In the wake of Pop Smoke being murdered in a home invasion, rappers aren't taking any chances, including Hitmaka, also known as Yung Berg. Hip Hop artists aren't strangers to watching their backs and keeping their security in check, but the brazen and bold behaviors of thieves have caused many to enforce extra precautions. Recently, Hitmaka faced allegations of domestic violence after a news report circulated that he'd assaulted his girlfriend. However, he quickly had his lawyer draft an official statement stating that he isn't in a relationship with the woman at all. In fact, he claims she was plotting a home invasion robbery with a number of other individuals and even shared the surveillance footage from his home.

Hitmaka Assault
David Buchan / Stringer / Getty Images

Talia Tilley, the woman in question, acquired legal representation of her own and sent Hitmaka a letter. "Ms. Tilley is in fear for her life due to Mr. Ward's public and defamatory allegations against her and the fact that he knows where she lives," the statement reads, adding that Talia is seeking therapy. 

"We believe that it is in the best interests of all parties concerned to explore an amicable and private resolution prior to commencing any formal litigations," the document continues. Hitmaka shared a portion of the letter on social media and wrote in the caption, "I COULDV'E BEEN DEAD !!! MONEY HUH? NOW YALL CAN SEE." He also shared DMs that are allegedly from Talia Tilley.

"U got one day," the message says. "It's about to get sent I want us to be cool I don't want anything from u beat my asss. U gonna have to pay me and I'm cool u gave me stitches on my face. I'm telling u I wasn't expecting this. Get real. Be real." Check it all out below.