The woman who claims Hitmaka attacked her continues to speak out. Recently, news circulated that award-winning producer Hitmaka—also known as Yung Berg—was involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend, Talia Tilley. However, he was quick to respond to the allegations by saying he wasn't in a relationship with Talia, at all. Instead, he claims she was apart of a plot with a handful of others to pull off a home invasion on his residence.

Hitmaka has shared surveillance footage from his home, alleged DMs from Talia, and even a portion of a letter from her lawyer. After watching Hitmaka speak openly about the incident, Talia has come forward to release a statement courtesy of The Blast. "I want to respond to the allegations that are being made against me. They are completely false," the model stated. "At no time during the assault on me were the police ever called to his residence about any robbery or suspicious activity happening in his backyard."

"I have not and would never be a part of what I am being accused of," Talia Tilley continued. "I was in fact the only person physically hurt and the only person that called the police that morning. I'm an honest, decent woman from a military family. I've always had a good character and people who know me personally would never question that. I have never threatened anyone nor committed any crime."

Talia went on to say that she's suffering from emotional and mental distress, as well as dealing with embarrassment from "all the false accusations." Her "credibility has been stained" and she can't get work as a model anymore. The "LAPD is currently investigating this crime and I am freely and willingly providing them with anything to prove my innocence of what happened that morning," she continued. "As of now I have retained counsel and am being represented by Lisa Bloom. My family and I will not rest until I get justice."