Memphis's WREG News has discovered that rapper iHeartMemphis is currently facing charges of aggravated rape. IHeartMemphis is known for his recent hit "Hit the Quan" and the viral dance video that the song inspired, which now has over 15 million views on YouTube. 

IHeartMemphis, or Richard Colbert, is one of two men accused of gang raping an intoxicated woman in the Raleigh neighborhood in Memphis. Colbert has denied all charges, telling WREG, "No I did not," when asked if he committed the crime. He also said, "I was at the wrong place, wrong time, and my name got caught up in something." 

As of now, details of the case are relatively unclear, though Colbert, and the second man who has been charged, are set to appear in court on Wednesday (September 9). Police told WREG that they are still looking for a third suspect in the case, a female between the ages of 18 and 23. By "suspect," we assume this means said female was complicit in the crime and that the female victim, who presumably brought forth the charges, has been identified.