We got some details about the producer for "Mercy," and Hit-Boy, who produced the other huge Kanye record, "Theraflu," also spoke out.

Hit-Boy says he was just messing around when he recorded "Theraflu," and he had originally sent it to DJ Khaled for his album;

"I made that beat a couple months ago, just in a session messing around,” Hit-Boy explained in a recent interview with XXL. “I had sent the beat to Khaled, and Khaled, he sent it to ‘Ye. ‘Ye just did the record maybe a week and a half ago. We actually don’t know if it’s going to be on Khaled’s album or ‘Ye’s album. We just put it out because we felt like it was so urgent, people just needed to hear it. Obviously, the proof is in the pudding. That joint is everywhere now.”