After releasing his first single, Hit-Boy reveals to MTV he's not stopping there, he has more new music coming.

When asked about what he's working on, Hit-Boy revealed he has a new song coming which features Kid Cudi.

"I have a song called 'Old School Caddy' that I'm going to be putting out very soon, featuring Kid Cudi," the producer-turned-rapper revealed.

Although his first release, "Jay-Z Interview," was produced by BINK!, Hit-Boy worked on the production for "Old School Caddy" himself. He described the cut as "classic hip-hop," while drawing comparisons to Outkast.  "Aquemini is one of my favorite albums by OutKast. I wanted to do a record that felt like it could've been on there but for our generation," he said.

On getting Cudder on the track, Hit-Boy said, "I did the record and I let Cudi hear it, and he asked to be a part of it, so it was just an organic, great thing."

Watch the interview clip below.

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