Today marks the arrival of Benny The Butcher's proper debut album Burden Of Proofproduced in its glorious entirety by Hit-Boy. Currently in the midst of an epic run, Hit-Boy has made a solid case for locking down the coveted MVP position, thanks in large part to work done here, on NasKing's Disease, and on Big Sean's Detroit 2.

Hit-Boy Jay-Z Benny

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Alongside Benny, however, Hit-Boy managed to capture a particularly distinguished vibe, at once nostalgic and refreshingly modern. And today, Hit-Boy took a moment to reflect on his latest body of work, revealing an interesting anecdote about Jay-Z's contribution to the project. As it happens, Hit-Boy actually sought out the advice of the legendary rapper for "One Way Flight," a collaboration between The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs -- who has now contributed to each of the Griselda trifecta's solo albums this year. 

"I ain’t gon bull shit you I emailed jay z and he helped me arrange “one-way flight” featuring @FreddieGibbs," confirms Hit-Boy, sharing the tidbit on Twitter. "Veteran level shit. That spacing is the shit !!!" While he doesn't exactly elaborate on Hov's specific advice, it's still cool to see Jay-Z taking the time to provide some key feedback to the lyrically-stellar duet. It's not exactly surprising, either -- there's something notably Hov-esque about the album's tone, evocative of both The Blueprint and The Black Album in a few key ways. 

If only Jay-Z took it upon himself to add a verse, but there's always room for a remix. Be sure to show some love to Benny The Butcher's Burden Of Proof right here