This summer leading up to NasLife Is Good, and Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE albums, fans got some info that had them excited that the two had collaborated on a record.  After the two albums dropped, and the track was nowhere to be seen it was reported that the Hit-Boy produced cut originally titled “No Such Thing as White Jesus” had been lost when he misplaced one of his hard drives.  Good news has surfaced as Hit-Boy has recovered the hard drive.

Not only had the lost drive contained the Nas/Ocean track, but other Hit-Boy produced gems.  The hitSTORY artist made the announcement on Twitter that it had been recovered (from DDotOmen), “It’s a miracle @RickyAnderson found the infamous blue drive with the vocals from Nas/frank ocean pro tools session and many more hits...That drive had been missing for 7 months.  The drive was packed up with Kanye equipment for some sessions I had with him in April.”

Luckily for the artists, and especially their fans, Hit-Boy’s manager (who is also Kanye’s cousin) was able to retrieve the drive in a storage unit.  No word on if the track will be released soon, and who will drop it on their next project, but hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to hear it.