On April 12, 25-year-old Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore for possession of a switchblade, though it's still not clear why he was pursued in the first place. Police claim Gray was apprehended without force, though bystanders have suggested otherwise, and video evidence shows Gray screaming while being forced into the police's van. What happened next is still being investigated, though by the time Gray arrived at the police station, he was unresponsive, unable to talk or breathe.

Though Gray arrived at the hospital 30 minutes after the arrest, police have since admitted they were not urgent enough in getting Gray the medical care he needed. A week later, on Sunday, April 19, Freddie Gray died in the hospital. The final cause of death has been attributed to a severed spine, though, the cause of said injury is still being investigated. An investigation on police by police.

Ensuing riots and looting, and injuries on behalf of both police and civilians, have led Baltimore into a state of emergency. Peaceful protests are also taking place in Baltimore and across the nation, though the media has continued to highlight the escalating violence. 

The hip-hop world has since chimed in on the death of Freddie Gray and its far-reaching implications. Of course, rappers' opinions on the proper course of action vary widely, with some justifying the anger, some denouncing the riots altogether, and most everyone calling for solidarity. First, we hear from Baltimore's own King Los. Twitter responses from Vic Mensa, Meek Mill, and Freddie Gibbs are below, while Instagram commentary on behalf of Killer Mike, Waka Flocka Flame, and Rihanna can be found in the above gallery. 

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