Fidel Castro is a very divisive figure in world history, and following his death continues to inspire debate. Castro's death was announced on Cuban television by his brother, and current President, Raúl, Friday night, and discussion of Castro has taken place online in the hours since. A few members of the hip-hop community have shared their reaction on Social media today, including Nas, Talib Kweli, and Lupe Fiasco.

Nas' post in particular has sparked conversation, as he wrote, "RIP KING FIDEL CASTRO #revolutionary only 5% understand. Im not Cuban, I don't fully know how he affected my Cuban family, so I'm sending strength and power for your pains. But lots Of us, as Black people, n some others in the USA, we saw him as an Ally in the Struggle."

View some of the posts from various rappers and performers below.