Every now and then, successful people offer words of advice to anyone willing to listen. They tend to talk about their come-up, the mental switches they made to acquire the success they currently have and more. Few Hip Hop affiliates have done so via a TEDx talk and such list includes the legendary producer and artist Scott Mescudi, famously known as Kid Cudi. And now to add to the list comes in Cole Bennett, a 23-year old videographer and CEO of the production company, Lyrical Lemonade. Despite his young age, Bennett produced the music videos of countless notables names in the Hip Hop industry such as J. Cole, Mac Miller (rip), just to name a few. We took an exclusive look at the prodigy's work and you may find this report here

Moreover, in the TEDx talk Cole grants viewers a set of powerful keys to success which he believes all begin in the mindset. In reminiscing on his journey, the videographer goes through a set of chronicles which embody concepts of perseverance, business savviness and more. He also weighs in on the importance of thinking outside of the box, utilizing your resources and having a passion as it may help you push through any potential obstacles.