Celebrities are always susceptible to some pretty insane conspiracy theories, especially when you slip up on your social media channels. Hillary Duff had to experience this first-hand last night as she accidentally posted a photo of her song to her IG story. The photo made it seem as though her child was nude and when she realized, she deleted the post. 

While one would assume this was the end of the story, it got a lot weirder as the night progressed. A twitter user started a thread in which they accused Duff of child trafficking and used the photo of her son as the proof. This thread eventually got Duff trending on Twitter and eventually, the thread was taken down before any more damage could be done.

Fans were immediately confused by the tweets and many spoke out about fake news on Twitter and how misinformation can spread exceptionally fast. Every part of the thread was pure conjecture and was filled to the brim with conspiracies that you would find on some random YouTube video with less than 100 views.

Duff has yet to respond to the allegations although considering how baseball they are, we doubt she'll even give them the time of day.