It's Monday morning. The weekend's mischief is still bouncing around in your memories and not even the most potent cup of coffee can shake off the Mondy blues. It's back to the robotic rhythm of the working class, but there might be one thing that can cheer up your day. As first posted by Reddit user carmenlightning, a short clip of a troublesome pup stealing a Go-Pro has gone viral.  

In the hilarious clip, a gorgeous looking dog (that appears the be a blue nose Pitbull) grabs the Go-Pro kit and takes off. He is chased by a man wearing a red T-Shirt and several other pups, but he avoids being caught on several occasions. In true Pitbull form, the intelligent pup evades his human assailant by running him in circles around a small shed, and the dog even stops and fakes the man out. There is even a moment where the dog retreats back to the porch and stops to watch and enjoy the madness being caused. The best part about the clip is that the entire thing is caught with the camera pointed towards to pups face, giving viewers a glance at the mayhem from puppy selfie mode.