As many are choosing to combat the current laws surrounding gun control in the United States, schools are beginning to crack down on behavior that can be seen as threatening. Parkland shooting survivors have been preaching the end of a consistent "thoughts and prayers" narrative, urging the country's leaders to take notice of a growing epidemic and act appropriately. One thing is for sure: kids are supposed to feel safe at school. Unfortunately, teens at a high school in New Jersey were the target of a violent rap song posted on SoundCloud by their fellow student Michael Schmitt and he is facing up to ten years in prison for releasing it.

Rappers have had their lyrics used against them in court, with Tay-K being the most recent example of this. Schmitt is under fire for promoting a song he recorded titled, "u lil sluts @ jchs i love u all even tho yall hurt me and i forgive u. i would never hurt u." The track was posted just ten days after the Parkland tragedy and included graphic lyrics about murdering kids at his school, James Caldwell High School. Trashing his fellow students, Schmitt reportedly uttered the line "Pull my gun, kill your fuckin' head/Now you're dead, go to sleep" according to Buzzfeed. The 18-year-old has been on house arrest since March and has since commented about being viewed as a violent man, saying, "They painted me as a school shooter, and that's terrifying."

The teenager is currently being charged for creating a "false public alarm," which carries a five-to-ten year sentence if convicted in New Jersey. The song has since been deleted from his page and his profile picture was changed from a photo of Schmitt waving a handgun.