A substitute teacher in Massachusetts made a bold move that has clearly jeopardized his whole career when he decided to light up in front of high school students. According to The New York Post, students quickly reported the wild act to their schools principle leading the unnamed teacher to of course be fired on the spot. 

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Principal Peter Haviland of North Attleboro High School called the whole ordeal "entirely unexpected and unprecedented" stating how it is in no way "a reflection” of the schools policies. "The quick actions of the students to report their concerns is an accurate reflection of the values of this school and community and serves as comforting evidence demonstrating that our students share and uphold these common values of safety and appropriateness within our school," he added. 

How the smoking began is still unclear at this point but he teacher's actions are still under investigation. We're unsure if he will be charged for his actions. “We are proud of our students and grateful to them for the level of maturity and courage they showed during this unfortunate and unprecedented experience," the principle added. The pot smoking man is not allowed on school grounds "for any reason" and by no surprise will not be getting a job in the teaching field any time soon.