Racism and division is nothing new in the United States, especially one day before the midterm elections a time that often brings out the best and worst in a riled up population. What is often surprising is the creativity on display in these acts of hate. It makes you wonder what would happen if some of these people just had a proper creative outlet. 

In Georgia, one such creative moment occurred at a recent highschool football game. The school, Brookwood High of Snellville, Gwinett County, has a football team, as many others do. They also have a marching band to go along with the team. The band members are provided with instrument covers that spell out the mascot of the team: "Broncos." However, if you remove three letters, you're left with a convenient anagram, which CBS news calls "a four letter racial slur that starts with the letter 'c.'" You can see photos of the band's display here.

Photos of the incident were posted on social media and subsequently found by the school's administration whereupon the principle, Bo Ford, sent home a letter to parents explaining what happened. He's also said that the students would be disciplined for their "hurtful, disrespectful and disappointing" actions.