Racism is alive and well in America and there is no better example of this than what happened during a recent high school girl's basketball game in Oklahoma. Norman High School was taking on Midwest City during a basketball tournament in the state. Norman High School elected to kneel during the National Anthem, and that's when one announcer from the National Federation of State High School Association Network's broadcast team decided to go on a racist tirade that was quite shocking.

"They're kneeling? F***ing n*****s. I hope Norman gets their ass kicked. F*** them. I  hope they lose. They're gonna kneel like that?" the unnamed announcer said.

The clip rightfully led to outrage on social media and now, the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association is looking into who was responsible and they are making sure to fire the broadcast team for the rest of the tournament. At this point, this is the least they can do considering the disgusting words that were uttered at the beginning of the match.

Since that time, the Norman superintendent has issued a statement saying "We condemn and will not tolerate the disgusting words and attitudes of these announcers. This type of hate speech has no place in our society and we are outraged that it would be directed at any human being, and particularly at our students."

This story just goes to show that there is still a lot of ignorance out there, and we hope it doesn't deter this team from going out and continuing their peaceful protests.