At the top of this month, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd broke up for a second time ending what was seemingly their longest run at their relationship. Sources say things ended due to their conflicting schedules that placed them on opposite sides of the world but after The Weeknd showed up to a club Bell and her friends were at last weekend, the model and her crew dipped instantly, making it clear they aren't on the best of terms.

Now just a few days later, fans think that the exes may have tried again at their relationship since Bella posted a series of images to her Instagram feed that had people thinking they were hanging out. In the gallery below, the second image shows a man handing a woman some flowers, with comments suggesting it's the "Often" singer. "Are those my bby Abel hands in the second pic," one user wrote. 

However, considering that Bella doesn't have the same tattoos as the woman in the photo it's safe to assume that maybe, just maybe, this is a far-out fan theory.

Once Bella and The Weeknd ended things, the singer launched into album mode letting all his fans know that new music is on the way.