Kanye West debuted his Yeezy Season 5 collection yesterday, and it was a much less over-the-top affair than his previous season, only lasting 13 minutes and taking place in a more regular venue than Madison Square Garden or Roosevelt Island. Part of that probably was due to Kanye not being present at the show. We posted a number of photos and videos taken by media members attending the show, but now we have official photos of all the looks for you to check out, without the shadows and blur.

The clothing in this collection seems to be the biggest step forward Kanye has taken since first debuting Yeezy Season 1. The nude colored pantyhose are gone, with models sporting more traditional fully styled looks. The artist-turned-designer also introduced a number of new materials into his repertoire, including denim (both jeans and jackets), Gore-Tex, velour, and whatever that shiny, crinkly material is. One model even appears to be wearing a wetsuit, the only homage to the bodysuits of prior Yeezy Seasons.

From the photos we also get a good look at the Yeezy runners, although y’all made your opinion of those pretty clear yesterday. What do y’all think after seeing better photos of the collection?