Meek Mill has stirred up a lot of feelings with his twitter rant. The rapper has people taking sides, analyzing what it means to be a rapper, and ghostwriting's place in hip-hop as a whole. For many of us, it's no surprise that artists have help writing lyrics or enlist ghostwriters-- if Meek had simply checked "R.I.C.O."'s writing credits, he should have noticed Quentin Miller's name beside that of Aubrey Graham. Nonetheless it appears Meek was taken by surprise, and this fueled his "crazy" twitter rant. His rant, then, took issue with the seemingly obvious, and twitter isn't letting him live it down. The #MeekBeLike hashtag has proven to be a fruitful source of amusement, there's even an entire twitter page dedicated to @MeekThoughts. 

We combed through and found some of the funniest ones. Enjoy.