To say celebrities lose all sense of control on All Hallow's Eve is an understatement. Clearly, the rich and famous of our times absolutely adore dressing up, from their annual Halloween warm-up The Met Gala to the big day itself. One has to wonder how many bags are dropped on October 31st. And more importantly, how many pounds of vegan candy get consumed? All jokes aside, the increased budget does allow for some truly spectacular get-ups, which in turn lead to some iconic and hilarious moments. Where else might you see Lil Nas X link up with Jay-Z, or Pennywise cutting a rug like something out of Stephen King's fever dream?

So now that the dust has settled, the hangovers have kicked in, the makeup has been just-about washed off, and the sugar-highs have abated, let us look back on some of 2019's most elaborate and memorable costumes. Seeing as this is a relatively low-stakes process, we'll forgo a ranking system altogether, instead opting for the ever-safe "in no particular order." One of them there "you're all winners" scenarios. If we missed your favorite, be sure to hit the comment section below. 


Though Young Gerald went with not one, but four costumes, his intricate take on the leather-clad Edward Scissorhands takes the cake. Inherent sadomasochistic vibes notwithstanding.


H A R V E Y D E N T I N T H E B U I L D I N G. T O M M Y L E E J O N E S S T A Y L A C K I N G.


Some say that Kuzma is still serving the damn strokes to this day.


You have to respect a man who commits to embracing Halloween's horrific roots, and Tyga's "Día de Muertos" is heavy on the spook factor. Picture Baron Samedi, only rather than nursing a fixation on James Bond, it's the booty he so covets.


Maybe it's cheating, but we're doing a two-for-one here. After all, is it not the next best thing to a Jay & Cam'ron reunion?


Not much to say, but plenty to see. Bonus points for drawing from the Batman rogues gallery.


While you can't see him beneath all that padding, you can certainly imagine his facial expression.


Some things you can't unsee. Some things you don't want to. Which one is this?


At once elaborate, creative, spooky, and melancholic, Janelle Monae may very well have taken top prize - were we keeping score, of course.


Look, if anybody here deserves two placements, it's Tyga. If only because his fully-committed rendition of Ronald McDonald will never leave your nightmares. Not even as the years go by. You may watch your children grow old, possibly even graduate, fall in love and have children of their own, but he will always be there in the back of your mind. Waiting. Dancing.