It seems as though Gabi Wilson, professionally known as H.E.R., has been doing a lot of live performances lately. Having recently paid a visit to NPR's Tiny Desk, Jimmy Kimmel, and Apple Music's "Up Next" stage, the "Focus" singer has more recently performed A Colors Show singing her hit "Carried Away."

The song is the number one single off H.E.R.'s I Used To Know Her Pt. 2 EP and as the Color Shows usually go, Gabi suited up in a blue outfit to match the blue theme for the performance. It's safe to say Gabi's live singing skills are still on point here, killing every note and sound exactly as she does on her EP. 

It was her latest project that landed her a few Grammy nominations this year for album of the year, best new artist, best R&B performance, best R&B song and best R&B album. 

"[...] I didn't even drop an album," Gabi said of her recognition. "It's my project, it's my two EPs together and it's not even an album. It was literally a "It's time for me to drop music. I finally realized who I was. Let me just see what happens" [kind of thing]. Then, two years later, a sold-out tour and five Grammy nominations."