When H.E.R. first emerged on the scene with her debut EP in 2016 fans who were feeling it had no face to match their new favourite singer. The 21-year-old California artist chose to just let her music speak for itself and only provided us with a silhouette of her frame for the project's cover title.

If you've been following her, you've probably noticed that she's recently switched things up and has been revealing her full identity - how could you not when Rihanna posed with a photo with you? H.E.R., born Gabi Wilson, recently chatted with The Recording Academy to explain in full why she started off in the shadows and has now merged to showcase who she really is. 

"Concealing my identity came from me really trying to find ways to be super-honest in my music and to find a way for people to hear the music for what it is and not have any judgement or make any assumptions or think I can't relate to this because she's only this age or she looks like this so I don't know what that feels like," she said, as seen in the video below. "Sometimes we do that."

She added: "In music, the substance has kind of been taken out because of social media and a face instead of real music, real lyrics, and real stories. I really just wanted it to be the forefront, I wanted my music to be the main focus."